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In our previous blog, we have mentioned how far does natural stone goes back in history as a building material. More good news is below for natural stone lovers;

Natural stones not only bring beauty and elegance, but it is also probably the most environment friendly construction material. Why?

It offers a pretty long-life cycle, comparing to any other building material. Think about Stone Columns of the Parthenon that has been standing out there since 500BC or Egyptian pyramids. Long story short it is durable!


Natural stones are produced by nature, not man made, they are extracted from nature so there are not chemicals included during the process like other manufactured materials. In this case, it is heavy on labor not on machinery, thus it creates variety of employment opportunities.

Since natural stone is pretty durable, it does not need any chemical cleaning products, just a wet cloth will be enough to, this aspect will save your pocket while saving environment from many unnecessary chemicals.


It is confirmed by researches that natural stone emits no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Building materials like paints, lacquers, woods and preservatives contains toxic gases that can harm human body.

Talking about Recycle, almost all of the natural stone from a deconstructed building can be reused. It can be tumbled and used as a paver or in a concrete, maybe even crushed as a pebble stone, just use your imagination or call a marble company so they can tear up your installed stones and can even make thinner tiles than used before. Pretty environment friendly isn’t it?


Have you ever heard about “Heat Island Affect”? It is a concept that a building increasing the average temperature of a certain area. This may be cause for various subjects like global warming or thinking in a smaller vision maybe high electricity bills because of running AC. In this case, color and breathing characteristics of light-colored natural stone does the opposite and lowers building’s or a certain area’s “heat islands”


Last but not least almost every quarry around the world has a policy about reforesting, means each quarry depending on square footage or blocks they harvest they need to plant or pay to the government to plant some number of trees. And this number is not a small number.

Milestone goes one step further and plants 20 trees for each invoice, we love our home, the earth and we want to make it a better place to live.