Travertine Pavers vs. Concrete Pavers

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When considering the possibilities for planning the design of outdoor space people usually go back and forth between either travertine and concrete pavers. Travertine pavers can typically only be cut into squares or triangles, but the characteristics and unique appearance make it a much artistically alluring choice.

Although constructors may try to duplicate travertine pavers’ natural appearance, concrete pavers simply won’t achieve the same look because it is manufactured and not all natural like travertine

The surface temperature is also a big aspect when deciding whether to buy concrete or travertine pavers. Travertine is usually 30% -40% cooler than its concrete equal, once again due to its porous nature.

Unlike concrete pavers travertine comes in a variety of colors ivory grays and beautiful red and gold tones bringing mother nature to your back yard.

Travertine comes in numerous different patterns and its multipurpose nature also makes it a great choice for pavers, mosaics, tiles, and moldings depending on your project. How ever concrete pavers are mostly just for driveways and decks.