Travertine and Marble Colors, Finishes and more….

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Travertine and Marble Colors

The natural shades of travertine ranges from soft ivory and pale creamy white to rich golden shades of walnut and honey. Since travertine and marble are a natural stone the colors depend on local mineral and organic materials found on the quarry.

Travertine Colors

  • Walnut – a variety of mid-range browns from dark tan to milk chocolate
  • Silver – light ivory tiles with a hint of gray that creates a silvered appearance.
  • Gold – rich shades of golden honey
  • Light – pale cream or ivory
  • Malibu – Honey yellow onyx veins on white background
  • Scabos – a highly variegated degree of colors ranging from light honey to dark rust
  • Autumn blend – travertine that contains a high rust content can range from a pale rust to a vibrant scarlet

Marble Colors

  • Tahoe – dark rich beautiful gray tone with some light White vaines
  • Pearl – pale créame with white vains runnign trought the Stone
  • Moscow White– beautiful white carrara Marble with slight gray vaines

Traverine Finishes

  • Polished -The travertine is smoothed and polished to a shiny, reflective surface
  • Honed filled – A honed finish is flat and satiny smooth with a low-shine matte finish. Honed travertine is the most popular choice for home use.
  • Brushed chiseled – Brushed travertine has slightly rough texture and a matte finish. More antique and is less slippery compared to honed or polished finish
  • Tumbled – Tumbled travertine is the most natural finish, resulting in a highly textured finish with no shine and edges that are rounded with a worn appearance that resembles ancient stone