Story of Natural Stone

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Our home Earth was once a giant massive gas mixed with liquid minerals. In a timeline, with pressure pushing down the heavier minerals closer to the core, Earth’s crust began to come into existence while lighter minerals migrated upwards in exchange and created magmatic ocean at the Earth’s surface.



It is believed that asteroids and comets hitting earths surface brought ice that then melted, brought water and created possibilities to life. Melting period was also the time were coral reefs became alive, tectonic movements that carried bottom of the seas to top of mountains and vice versa, these exchanges leaded the way to form our rock beds. Which are now our stone quarries that we mine. Many levels of pressure and heat meeting with variety of minerals created different type of bed rocks. Some of them are softer some of them are harder, in one geography we can see holes on surface as a characteristic in other one we can see veins. To sum up each area tells geological history within certain period ofEarth’s history. Every quarry, each stone gives us information about processes in the past.