Soul of Natural Stone

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Since beginning of the human kind, we have put some values on things, rare things in the nature and its limited source helped to detect the value of the thing. Imagine hundreds of years ago even before Lydians invented the money, in Africa they were using seashells as a tool of trade.


Between 9,000 BC and 3,000 BC period called Neolithic Age human start to develop agricultural skills and that led nomadic societies to settle in permanent homes instead of living in temporary encampments. Those homes were buildings that are made of erected massive stones and carvings into bedrocks, oldest structures known of the human kind.

These ancient societies carved their hopes, fears and dreams into the Rock.Behind, they left obscure and mysterious pictograms and astonishingly clear animal drawings. They raised the very first megaliths, enormous rock monuments that stood and watched over sacrifices and religious ceremonies.






Those structures span the globe, throughout collective consciousness even though people were not able to receive news from away continents, they made homes, mazes, underground tombs and huge temples at almost at the same time range. The structures are as different as the peoples who made them. Each valued of its own holistic location and the local stones. Mother natures limited source.

Here comes the value that Milestone Pavers LLC brings to you. Imagine high mountains on another continent that is thousands of miles away. Behind those mountains, there is something magical. History of earth, natural stones from a specific area is being cut and designed to continue living under your foot step.

Natural stones variety and characteristics, unique pattern of each and every piece is what carries, history and soul of earth to your everyday living area. We believe this luxury shouldn’t be expensive. That’s why Milestone Pavers LLC has been carrying this soul and value which made in millions and trillions of years. And with our sourcing and distributing power over 2 decades now not only stars like Madonna and Shaquille O’Neil can have this luxury beneath their feet. You may afford the luxury under your foot step.