Because each type of stone is different, the qualities of the stone itself will dictate which specific finishes are available. But overall, natural stones come in several finishes ranging from the rustic, with chiseled edges or tumbled, to the sophisticated and elegant ¬ honed or highly polished.

Because of its neutral color range and sophisticated appearance, you can create classic, elegant bathrooms and showers with natural stone. Many natural stone tiles can be polished to a water-resistant high shine that makes them safe for use in showers. You can still use honed, or tumbled stone in wet areas as long as it is sealed properly.

Of course. Natural stone tiles are suitable for outdoor use, too. In temperate climates where the stone is not directly exposed to freezing water or snow, it can make for dramatic driveways, outdoor sitting areas, patios or pool areas. In climates where snow and freezing rain are common, you’ll have no trouble using most natural stones on three-season patios, or areas protected from harsh elements.

Yes, we bring you natural stone tiles directly from quarries, and stock them at our Miami, Hialeah and West Palm Beach, FL locations with large quantities. We ship anywhere in the country, and you save a lot by purchasing from us, the manufacturer, directly.

Please call (305) 600 33 33 - (305) 433 33 99 or simply e-mail us at info@milestonepavers.com One of our reps will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sealers are designed to protect porous products and to provide wearable surfaces to porous products. Natural Stone Products are porous and should be sealed with a penetrating / impregnating sealer. Some stone products are also sealed with enhancing sealers to deepen and darken the stones natural colors.

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